Our Scholarship Funds provide support to students with the following programs:

  • Educational Scholarship – Annual scholarship(s) open to a female or male high school senior whose primary residence is Tewksbury Township and who will receive a High School Diploma in 2018.  Monies are to be used for matriculation at an accredited 2/4 year college/university offering an  AA or BA Degree. Please review and complete WCTT Scholarship Application form below and follow submission instructions to apply for scholarship

WCTT Scholarship App 2018

  • Girls’ Career Institute (GCI) – an annual program offered by the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs of GFWC (NJSFWC) for girls who will complete their junior year in high school. The dates for the 2018 GCI are Monday, June 4th through Thursday, June 7th.  GCI offers a “mini college experience.”  Delegates will experience a sample of college life by living in a dorm, eating in the cafeteria, attending lectures and workshops at Douglass Residential College on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick.  They will learn about career choices and how to network with other delegates from all over the state of New Jersey. Many establish lasting friendships with one another.  Delegates are required to attend all lectures, workshops and meals in the cafeteria.  The dress code is appropriate school attire with the appropriate clothing for sports and activities.  Organized sports activities, swimming, crafts, and after dinner sessions in the dorms are just a few of the activities available during free time.  One Delegate will be sponsored and the cost underwritten by The WCTT.   The Delegate will be selected on the basis of her interest in attending college, community service and participation in school activities. Girls seeking career options and the opportunity to gain insight into college life are usually excellent candidates.   The Club may be involved in the selection of the Delegate and the Alternate if the high school submits the names of students for consideration.   The Club may interview and select the Delegate and the Alternate, if they choose.Clubwomen volunteer their time to act as housemothers for each wing.   A nurse is on duty at all times. Delegates must be in their wing by 11:00 p.m. with lights out at 12:00 midnight.Delegates are expected to arrive at 2:00 p.m. Monday and are to be picked up by a parent or guardian at the dorm on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. after the morning program.Delegates must be academically able to be excused from school for the four days of GCI. This may involve foregoing some pre-exam reviews, taking exams early, or missing a sporting event or other activity. Accepting this Girls’ Career Institute opportunity carries with it a responsibility to stay for the complete session… THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS. ANY DELEGATE UNABLE TO STAY SHOULD DECLINE IN FAVOR OF THE ALTERNATE.Each Delegate will receive a packet with the necessary forms, requirements and the name and contact person of the sponsoring Club. She and a parent/guardian will be invited to attend an Orientation meeting in her geographical area in May. At this reception she will meet other delegates and many questions will be answered. Alternates are encouraged to attend the session in their area so that they will likewise be prepared if they become the delegate.

2018 GCI Information and Application

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  • The Dotty Gaal Memorial Scholarship – An annual scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 awarded to a student who excels in the field of science.  It is open to a female or male high school senior whose primary residence is in any sending district of Voorhees High School, Glen Gardner. She/he must be interested in pursuing a career in science and must receive a high school diploma in 2018.  Monies will be used toward matriculation at a 2/4 year college/university awarding an AA or BA degree.

Dotty Gaal Memorial Scholarship Application 2018

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  • The “Advanced Education Scholarship” for Women – The “Advanced Education Scholarship” in the amount of $2500 will be given to a woman working or living in Tewksbury or the surrounding area who wishes to advance her professional capabilities or change her career by enrolling in a certification or degree granting accredited school or institution.She must be 30 years or older who lives in the US legally, has received a high school degree or equivalent and attends or plans to attend an accredited college, university or trade school after having been away from an educational environment for at least one year.A commitment to self improvement, financial need, work/family responsibility, a completed application form, an essay, an official high school or college transcript, a letter of recommendation from a teacher, school advisor, a religious/community organization representative or work supervisor are required.Applications are due April 1 and can be found at the Tewksbury Library or click on the link below. Please call 908-509-1855 or email the club at: for information.

WCTT Woman Advanced Education Scholarship Application 2018